Toolkit for Wellness - Addressing Secondary Traumatic Stress & Other Traumatic Stress in the Workplace


Have you wondered how Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS), ACEs and Community Resilience are linked? If you read the recent news articles highlighting the pain endured by Philadelphia Police  officersSEPTA train operators, Teachers, and Substance Use Professionals, you can see the impact STS has and its potentially preventable negative outcomes. Supporting workplace health supports healthy communities and reduces likelihood of events leading to ACEs - it is "trauma preventive."

The data we collected on workplace practices and resilience tools for organizations, institutions, and city departments, is featured on the Secondary Traumatic Stress - Take Care PHL Solutions section. Do you have a program to recommend for the Solutions database? Click here to send us your information.

Secondary Traumatic Stress Workgroup

Vic Compher, Caregivers Film (Co-Chair)

Nicole Fuller, PhilaPOSH

Caroline Gavin, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Meghan Gannon, Jefferson University Hospital

Yolanda Hughes, Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbilities

Meghan Johnson, Support Center for Child Advocates

Leslie Lieberman, The Health Federation of Philadelphia

Carolyn Smith-Brown, The Health Federation of Philadelphia

Laura Vega, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Co-Chair)